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With over ten years of experience in the international distribution of electric bicycles, our company has extensive, in-depth and up-to-date knowledge of each market in Europe. 

As a consulting firm for the electric bicycle industry, we provide the following strategic advisory services:

  • Market research

  • Business strategy

  • Brand and marketing strategy

  • After-sales service strategy

  • Product design strategy



We provide professional advice for manufacturers and independent bike dealerships (IBDs) in connection with the e-bike industry. As consultants, we have participated in numerous complex projects and helped establish brands in the international arena. Our strategic advisory services provide support in developing and implementing business strategies that help companies realizing their long-term goals.


Due to our extensive experience in the international distribution of e-bikes, we have a deep understanding of each market in Europe and we work with some of the best professionals in the field throughout the continent. We survey industry related news on a daily basis, follow the most current global trends, test and curate new products regularly, and we strive to understand local customer needs throughout Europe.


We work closely together with our partners to create the appropriate plan and provide advisory support in difficult decision-making situations. While business is a serious matter, we also believe that a relaxed and fun atmosphere opens the door for creativity, puts participants in flow and helps us think outside of the box. Our boardroom meetings, workshops and trainings are always held with this approach in mind, making it an effective and also memorable experience for all.


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